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Unwanted Angel
Author: FlyingFish15
С сайта Fanfiction.net
She’s back again, he hears her voice
A never ending dialogue, offering him a choice
He walks in shadow, she walks in light
Their strange friendship will end in blood tonight.
The debate between them he usually enjoys
The friendly conflict like so many toys
But he senses tonight is new
A confrontation is long over due.
At first it’s just a simple debate
But soon both of them are quite irate
He is in the shadows, she tries to bring light
She says: "Evil won’t give up your soul without a fight”.
And, at last, she’s gone too far
In trying to destroy his sinful mar
Her beliefs, her daring he cannot ignore
He cannot bear to hear anything more.
A voice within compels him now
Holding him to his darkest vow
The girl must die for her intrusion
For this event has one destined conclusion.
Nearby, a sharpened knife glints on a table
The hilt is black, the pommel sable
She’s standing close, she won’t escape
Coming here was her mistake.
His back is to her, she cannot see
Now is the moment that she must flee
Before fate makes its own end
"It is yourself, not me, you should defend.
” But she will not leave, "you are my friend”
There’s danger here she doesn’t comprehend
But for her, it is at last too late
The black knife is in his hand, it is her fate!
He whips around and grabs her arm
Her eyes are wide in her alarm
The air shatters at her scream
This nightmare is not a dream!
Her breath is rasping in her throat
A knife has breached her heart’s crimson moat
As Caesar was betrayed by his most loyal friend
The one she tried to save, her heart did rend.
He stares down at her with icy eyes
He’s killed his friend, he does not cry
Her scarlet blood is on his hands
And in his veins the Nile’s sands.
Her dying eyes are pierced with light
Of an unworldly place, clear and bright
Her eyes meet his for one last time
As church bells toll one final chime.
"You doomed yourself” he hisses in her ear
"For me you should never have shed a tear.”
His "angel” slowly closes her eyes
As the good that tried to save him finally dies.
She falls limply into his arms
She couldn’t save herself from his own harms
With a faint touch of regret, he knows what he’s done
But regretful because from her fate she couldn’t have run.
* * *

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